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The Jobsheet PRO system is very straight forward and easy to use. There's one main log-in to the manager area:

Management Login

The MANAGEMENT log-in: Here you configure the system settings and track jobs in progress.

MANAGER Log-in for Job Tracking


Each new job is assigned a unique sequential job reference number
Each job can be assigned your own sub-status for easy job tracking
Easy to read main page to monitor all jobs
Easily create a new job and email  pdf job sheet to your staff
You can add parts. times, notes to the job and optionally send a completed pdf jobsheet to the customer
Comprehensive configuration options
Recreate jobs sheets at any time
8 configurable job fields to capture the information important to your business selection of jobsheet templates or bespoke design
Record staff time on each job and produce weekly summary time sheet reports
Fully cloud based system. No installation required. Free updates and email / phone advice.
24/7 access. Viewable from most devices with an internet connection.

Management Screenshot

Manager jobsheet screenshot

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